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  • Young EDGE Award to VIT VP Mr. Sekar Viswanathan

    Mr. Sekar Viswanathan, Vice President (University Affairs), VIT University was bestowed the Young EDGE Award on 13 March at the EDGE 2012 Forum held at New Delhi. The award was presented to Mr. Sekar in recognition of the innovations he has introduced in the field of education at VIT. Mr. Sekar received the award in the presence of Chancellor Dr. G. Viswanathan and Dr. V. S. Ramamurthy, Former Secretary- DST at the function which was well attended by several eminent academicians and administrators. Padma Shri Dr. N. R. Madhava Menon, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Chair on Parliamentary Studies (Rajya Sabha) presented the award to Mr. Sekar Viswanathan.

    The Young EDGE Award is given to young academicians or academic administrators in recognition of their significant contributions to enhancing the quality of education and making a lasting impression in the field.

    In his acceptance speech, Mr. Sekar said that two of innovative initiatives at VIT - the FFCS (Fully Flexible Credit System) and STARS (Support the Advancement of Rural Students) - were very close to his heart. While the former breathed an air of freedom to the students in an otherwise rigid academic system, the latter provided opportunities to meritorious, needy students of each district of Tamil Nadu by way of providing tuition waiver and free food and accommodation to two toppers, a boy and a girl, in the HSC examination from rural government schools. Mr. Sekar recalled the hardships his father had faced as a student, walking ten kilometers a day to attend a school. In all humility, he said that he dedicated the award to his father and Chancellor of VIT who is his role model and to his wife Ms. Sandhya Pentareddy for her support and encouragement at all times. He also said that the award was the result of the hard work of the students and the relentless efforts of the faculty and staff of VIT and that he was receiving the award on their behalf.
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  • VITAA Bangalore Chapter Alumni meet

    VITAA organized a meeting of the Bangalore based alumni members on 11th March 2012 in Sadashivanagar Club, Bengaluru.  Chancellor Dr. G. Viswanathan, Vice Presidents Mr. Sankar Viswanathan & Mr. Sekar Viswanathan, Executive Director Ms. Sandhya Pentareddy VITAA Office bearers and around 100 Bangalore alumni members participated in the gathering.

    Please visit the photo gallery to view the photos taken during the event.

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  • Mr. Magesh Srinivasan’s (2008 batch M.Tech. CSE alumni) article

    Mr. K. Ramachandran and Mr. Magesh Srinivasan’s article (2008 batch M.Tech. CSE alumni) published in The Hindu newspaper (http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-educationplus/article2886767.ece) on 13th February 2012.

    K. Ramachandran

    Magesh Srinivasan  (2008 batch M.Tech. CSE VIT alumni)

    For a successful career, students have to move from examination-oriented learning to becoming conceptually strong in subject fundamentals.

    Many of you would have watched DreamWorks 2010 animation movie How to train Your Dragon. The film is about how a hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons, becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself. He then learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed.

    Perhaps you liked the movie. But, in hindsight, it may have some valuable lessons for the first and second-year undergraduate engineering students in Tamil Nadu. Especially now when recent media reports talk of a very low pass percentage among students who took the third semester examinations of Anna University of Technology, Chennai.

    Those media reports quote academics, who say, the trend is a fallout of a skewed school education system that gives weightage to only rote learning and marks. Even admission to engineering is based only on marks and little else. The academics also say higher education is an altogether different ball game— where learning is about practical application of scientific theory. Any engineering professor would vouch that the entire discipline of engineering is about helping students learn to find practical, scientifically verifiable, feasible answers to everyday problems faced by society or individuals.

    But then very few students understand the transition required for moving from a completely     memory-based, examination-oriented, and marks-only-valued system to a practical and application-oriented, career-making engineering education.

    A university vice-chancellor went on record that the question paper in Engineering Math I was more application-oriented and perhaps that was the reason a large number of students found that exam difficult. So, if you feel as hapless as the young Viking in the movie — an aspiration to slay the academic dragon and become a hero — don't lose heart. Learn from it. You can actually turn the rigour of academics as your ally. Then you can see there's more to academic rigour than mere rote-learning.

    This brings us to the crucial question: how can good academic practices and a successful career be correlated? And how does a student move from examination-oriented learning to becoming conceptually strong in subject fundamentals?

    Yes. Undeniably, academic brilliance requires a good balance between understanding the basic concepts and exam-oriented preparation. A student can typically fare well in Engineering subjects only if he/she understands the concept and then prepares for the examination as per the question paper pattern. This can also help find tactics to save time in solving problems during the examination and complete answering the question paper with the stipulated time.

    Today's industry professionals agree that classroom-based learning is a must for undergraduate level of study, as this is where the student is introduced to the core concepts of the engineering world. Good lectures/study materials prepared and offered to students by experienced faculty helps the student grasp the concept rightly and also helps one to identify his/her own area of interest and develop a passion towards engineering subjects/profession. However, at PG level, a student would have already had the insight of various concepts and engineering study. Hence more of application-oriented learning is preferred and encouraged, thereby increasing the R&D capabilities of the engineer.

    Those who joined the industry in the past 3 - 4 years say with hindsight: while they had to “study” through solving problems and performing experiments in labs to understand various theoretical concepts taught in classroom, they also had to “learn” certain concepts that a student needs to remember and apply throughout his/her career while facing engineering challenges.

    Thus the final question: How does a student bring in rigour into academic learning and convert it into learning for a career?

    Today's IT-based world has a lot of avenues for students to bring in more rigour into academic learning. Joining various engineering communities in the web and posting technical doubts and conducting debates expands one's avenues to learn and makes learning more interesting. One can enrich practical knowledge from the World Wide Web (Watch the free video-based lectures at academic-earth.org; Khan Academy; the Youtube Channels of large universities such as Berkeley, CA). Social networking is certainly a great way to connect with peers and academicians. Learning through social platforms adds to your ability to contribute to others' learning too.

    Students should not hesitate to participate in symposia conducted by various colleges, take part in industry-academia interaction programmes, go on educational tours, or participate in university exchange programmes. Each adds to interesting campus/academic life.

    Finally, the learnings from these forums step up students' confidence to solve practical engineering problems. Ultimately, in campus placement / job interviews, communication and confidence levels are the real tests which employers rely on to take people on-board their companies. And one's thorough understanding of basics, with ability to apply them to solving problems certainly boosts both communication and confidence.

    The authors are professionals in the IT industry. K. Ramachandran can be reached at krckrc2010@gmail.com and Magesh Srinivasan at mageshsiyer@gmail.com.

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  • Dr.G.Suresh's article (2011 batch alumni)

    Dr.G.Suresh (2011 batch Ph.D. alumni) has published findings in Nanocrystals under the guidance of  Prof.D.Rajan Babu, School of Advanced Sciences, VIT University.  The below information was published in the Verticalnews:

    Researchers from VIT University Publish Findings in Nanocrystals

    2011 NOV 22 - (VerticalNews.com) -- "Spherical Fe-71-Co-29 nanocrystals functionalized by trisodium citrate (TSC) have been synthesized using co-precipitation process. The synthesized nanocrystals have disordered structure, reductive hydrogen annealing at 450 degrees C has transformed the disordered phase to body centered cubic phase (CsCl structure) without secondary phases which was subsequently authenticated using Rietveld refinement technique," researchers in Tamil Nadu, India report.

      "The TSC adhere with the Fe-Co nanocrystal's surface by carboxylate chemisorption which has been confirmed using FT-IR spectroscopy. Back scattered electron microscope image confirms the spherical morphology with size around 20 nm," wrote G. Suresh and colleagues, VIT University.

      The researchers concluded: "The observed saturation magnetization is as large as 95.6% of bulk (242 emu g(-1)) which is a significant indication for the crystallization of single phase Fe-71-Co-29 nanocrystals."

      Suresh and colleagues published their study in the Journal of Alloys and Compounds (A simple wet-chemical approach to synthesize shape controlled high magnetic moment Fe-71-Co-29 nanocrystals. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2011;509(41):10145-10149).

      For additional information, contact G. Suresh, School Of  Advanced Sciences, VIT University, Vellore 632014, Tamil Nadu, India.

      Publisher contact information for the Journal of Alloys and Compounds is: Elsevier Science Sa, PO Box 564, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland.

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  • VITAA Day 2012 (17th Annual Alumni get-together)

    The VITAA Day 2012 (17th Annual alumni get-together ) held at VIT on 26th Jan. 2012 (Thursday) was a great success in which about 3,750 members including alumni and their family members from all parts of the country and abroad participated.  Hon’ble Chancellor, Dr. G. Viswanathan, Vice Presidents Mr. G.V. Sampath , Mr. Sekar Viswanathan & Mr. G.V. Selvam and  Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Narayanan, VITAA Office bearers, Core Committee members, and Chapter coordinators participated.  Dr. S.V. Balasubramaniam, Chairman, Bannari Amman Group, Coimbatore was the Chief Guest.

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  • Session on “Positive Life Style for a Healthy Heart”

    A session on  “Positive Life Style for a Healthy Heart” for the benefit of Alumni, Students, Faculty & Staff members of VIT was conducted by Dr.V. Chockalingam, a reputed cardiologist.  The session was jointly organised by VIT Alumni Association (Vellore Chapter) and the Department of Students Welfare, VIT University on 21st January 2012.

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  • VITAA-VIT Chapter meeting

    VITAA-VIT chapter members (working alumni in VIT) meeting was held on 10th January 2012 in VIT.  Vice President Mr. Sekar Viswanathan, VITAA Core Committee members & Office bearers and VITAA Day 2012 Committee in-charges participated.  Around 90 members attended the meeting.  VITAA Day 2012 arrangements were discussed in detail.

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  • Chancellor visit to Cognizant Chennai campus

    Symbolizing the vibrant relationship between VIT University and Cognizant was this memorable occasion of VITAA Cognizant Chennai chapter meeting held on 8th November 2011. Our beloved Chancellor Dr. G Viswanathan, visited Cognizant Chennai, to spend time with VITians in Cognizant. “Today I have run out of words and I am overjoyed to see so many of my students enjoying themselves while crafting a great career for themselves”, said the Chancellor. Chancellor spent time with the Campus associate trainees of VIT 2011 batch. VIT alumni presented an update to the Chancellor on their training program at Cognizant. They shared their experience on the transformation from a student to a corporate associate. This was followed by a Q&A Session with the Chancellor. He was accompanied by the Director of Placement, Prof. S.R. Pullabhotla and Deputy Director Mr. Samuel Rajkumar. 

    From Cognizant, Mr.Sriram Iyer Associate Director-Campus relationship, Mr.Krishnamurthy Ramachandran Associate Director- Corporate Communications, Mr. Rahul Singh Associate Director- HR, Mr. P.B. Ramachandran & Mr. A.S. Sriram from Cognizant Academy, Mr. Ashok Ranjith from HR & his team were present. Mr.Sriram Iyer highlighted various initiatives taken as part of the symbiotic partnership between VIT and Cognizant. Chancellor interacted with the alumni of senior batches who are employed at Cognizant. Mr Sathish Rajamani Associate Director- Oracle Testing and other alumni updated Chancellor on the progress made by the Alumni @ Cognizant. It was indeed a memorable day for the members of VITAA Cognizant Chapter- the first corporate chapter of VITAA.

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  • 1996 - 2000 Batch B.E Civil Engineering Alumni gathering

    The 1996-2000 batch Civil Engineering Alumni members had a gathering on 22nd October 2011 in Chennai. Around 25 members including alumni and their family participated.

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  • VITAA Rolling Trophy Cricket & Throwball matches
    VITAA conducted the VITAA Rolling Trophy - Cricket  Match for Men & Throwball Match for Women on 13th Oct. 2011 in VIT campus for the Alumni working in VIT (VITAA-VIT Chapter members) and VIT faculty & staff members. 4 teams participated in the Cricket Matches & 2 teams participated in the Throwball Matches. Please visit the Photo Gallery to view the photos.
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