The Office of the VIT Alumni Association (VITAA) is at the University campus at Vellore, functioning from 1996. The VITAA network has several National and International Chapters, and the network continues to spread. The National chapters function from Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Vellore, Chittoor, Puducherry, Coimbatore & Salem. The International Chapters function from U.S.A. (Washington DC, New Jersey & New York, California, Atlanta, Texas and Boston), U.A.E., Australia (Sydney & Melbourne), Germany, Singapore, Oman (Muscat), Rwanda, UK and Canada. At the Corporate level, a chapter functions from Cognizant-Chennai, a new concept of alumni relationship in India. The VITAA institutional chapter (VITAA-VIT chapter) functions from the VIT campus for the alumni working in VIT. Thanks to VITAA, there is a continuing relationship between the University and its former students, and there is also unity and friendship among the alumni, 37,994 of them scattered in different parts of the world.

Past students are like family, sharing common interests, goals and ideas and propagating VIT's mission. The Association endeavors to strengthen ties among its alumni by addressing concerns of members with a view to learn and adapt to changes that are necessary.

The Alumni already employed in reputed organizations in India and abroad help the present students in their internship and also inform them about the employment opportunities in their respective organizations. The University in turn provides free access to the library and assists budding Alumni entrepreneurs to incubate their technology venture.

Alumni who have made prominent contributions in the field of Entrepreneurship, Education & Research, Social Development and Corporate Career are presented the ‘Distinguished Alumni Award’ every year.

The VITAA Trophy for sports activities and VITAA scholarships for deserving students are also awarded every year.

“TRACKS” is an annual newsletter that records events and developments in the University and the activities of the Alumni Association, apart from reporting personal and professional achievements of the alumni. A quarterly e-newsletter is also released for alumni members.

VITAA also conducts various social activities for the benefit of the society - VITAA Book Bank scheme (donation of used text books to library), training programme for Govt. School teachers, visit to orphanage (serving lunch (or) dinner to the inmates and donation of used cloths etc.,)

Main highlights of the VITAA website:
- Maintains up-to-date information about alumni and their activities.
- Unites fellow alumni (batchmates, seniors and juniors).
- Increases the leverage of the Alumni network for the benefit of the alumni.
- Improves the modes of Alumni-Alumni and VIT-Alumni communications.
- Alumni can submit their accomplishments in the ‘Alumni Achievements’ section.
- Alumni members can view jobs posted by other alumni, and also they can post jobs for fellow alumni.

On the 26th of January, every year, alumni celebrate Annual VITAA Day at the University Campus at Vellore, where alumni meet friends, faculty and staff members. All the VITAA chapter members meet regularly.

The Management, faculty and staff members will be delighted to have you in the University campus to share your valuable professional experience among the faculty and students. You can take the liberty to contact the Registrar / Director / Alumni Association Office Bearers and the VITAA Office, Room No.209, II Floor, Dr. M.G.R. Block, VIT University, Vellore-14 for any assistance.

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